1. New Favourites #2

    So this another of my ‘New Favourites’ posts (so far I’m keeping to my weekly uploads…)

    This week my favourites are more to do with fashion and less about me rambling about scented candles and cute little plants.

    So this weeks first favourite is this pair of skinny jeans (I say skinny for short- they’re actually super spray on extreme skinny jeans. But that’s too much of a mouthful.)


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  2. Everyday Natural Make Up


    Sorry I haven’t uploaded a post in a couple of days (insert awkward emoji face) Uni work has kept me occupied…

    But I thought I would write a post about my everyday make up routine with a run down of the skincare,make up and brushes I use on a daily basis. If you are a boy reading this (heaven forbid) then this is a make up look that is pretty much undetectable and if you are a girl reading this (…

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  3. Story of my effing life. Some needs to love YouTube like me.

  4. Give me your finest coffee!


  5. rockmeharrey:

    ….enjoy Harry talking to you….
    Louis x Niall x Other edits x

    And now I’m pregnant.

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